BEE2 Motherboard source code


Project configuration file                                                         bee2.ini

Notes                                                                                        notes.txt

Schematic placements                                                           schematic.txt

Components logical pins assignment                                  logical_pin.txt

Reference designators assignment                            

Reference designators                                                           refdes.txt

Discrete number reporting macro                                         report.txt

Code removed from the project                                            cut_parts.txt


Clock circuitry                                                                          clock.txt

FPGA configuration system                                                   configuration.txt

Controller FPGA                                                                     control_fpga.txt

DDR2 memory modules                                                        DDR2.txt

Digital Visual Interface                                                           DVI.txt

10/100 BaseT Ethernet Interface                                          ethernet.txt

Boundary scan debug link                                                      JTAG.txt

Macros and constant definition                                             macro_const.txt

Rocket IO circuitry                                                                   MGTs.txt

Board voltage monitoring system                                         monitor.txt

Power supplies                                                                       power.txt

Board monitoring system                                                       monitor.txt

Real time clock                                                                        RTC.txt

RS232 interface                                                                      serial.txt

I2C and SMB busses                                                              SMB.txt

Temperature sensing and fan control                                   temperature.txt

Universal Serial Bus                                                               USB.txt

User FPGA                                                                              usr_fpga.txt