Creating a Debian Root Filesystem on a NFS

  1. Creating a Debian Root Filesystem on a NFS
    1. Introduction
    2. Obtaining the Root Filesystem
    3. Setting up your NFS Server


This document explains the steps required to setup an NFS export with a BEE2 Debian root filesystem. Information on installing a root filesystem on a CompactFlash card can be found at Bee2DebianRootFs.

Obtaining the Root Filesystem

We have provided two different root filesystems. One is a minimal installation that has almost none of the Debian packages installed, and thus is fairly small. The second has several important packages (such as SSH, ntp, etc.) already installed. Both root filesystems are linked to in the Bee2Binaries wiki page.

Setting up your NFS Server

A good tutorial on how to setup an NFS share under linux can be found here

Under Windows, Cygwin can be used to setup a NFS server, as explained here

In both cases, make sure that you disable rootsquashing (by specifying the "norootsquash" option in /etc/exports)

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