Pin Assignment

In order to use the external peripherals connected to the BEE2 FPGAs, you will need to know the external pin assignment. Fortunately, many of the cores provided in the BEE2 infrastructure package contain the pin information within the cores themselves, which means that using these cores is as simple as dropping them into your design. However, some of the cores require external pin assignment via a UCF file, and there may be times when a user wants access to the external pins directly. In the former case, the easiest way to get the UCF constraints is to view the UCF files contained within our reference examples (see Bee2Reference). In the latter case, we have provided an Excel file that can easily be searched to determine pin information. This document gives a very brief overview of how to find and use this pin database.

Pin Assignment Spreadsheet

All pin assignments for both user FPGAs and the control FPGA can be found in our pin assignment spreadsheet Pin_assign.xls

In the spreadsheet the pin assignments can be found on the sheets labeled ctrlFPGA for the control FPGA and usrFPGA for the user FPGA. The following is an example of what the ctrlFPGA sheet looks like:

The key parts of the spread sheet are the following columns:

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