BEE2 Documentation Readme

Documentation Philosophy

The bulk of the documentation for the BEE2 can be found online in our BEE2 wiki ( For those of you unaccustomed to Wikis, they are essentially web pages that are freely editable by the community of users. Because the BEE2 is maintained by a primarily academic community, using a Wiki is an attractive option which allows the broader BEE2 user community to help improve the quality and breadth of the documentation.

In addition to the online Wiki, the documentation can also be found as a monthly snapshot that can be downloaded in HTML format. The snapshot is provided primarily as a convenience for offline access, and it should be remembered that the most up to date documentation can always be found on the evolving Wiki.

As a BEE2 user, please feel free to contribute to the documentation effort by either fixing bugs in the documentation as you come across them, adding questions and answers to FAQ sections found on most of the documentation pages, or even adding complete walkthroughs or documentation on new features.

Documentation Structure

All documentation for the BEE2 begins at the root page of the Wiki ( From there the documentation is broken down into several sections.

  1. Board Support Package - The board support package documentation provides information on all the software and gateware infrastructure that has been developed for the BEE2. This includes things like the built in self test (BIST), source code repository access, reference designs, pre-compiled bitstreams, and major subsystem overviews. Most users will be interested in the documentation found in this section.

  2. Walkthrough's and Guides - The walkthrough section contains step-by-step guides on performing common tasks with the BEE2. Examples include setting up the board, building a Linux kernel, and setting up a Linux root file system.

  3. Module Hardware Reference - The module reference section contains information pertaining to the BEE2 PCB and low level details of the BEE2 hardware.

Getting More Help

If the Wiki documentation doesn't have the information you need, there also exists a BEE2 users mailing list to which you can post questions. If you would like to post a question, you must first register for the mailing list.

To prevent spam the list is not completely open. Your subscribe request will be reviewed by the maintainer of the BEE2 list and you will be granted access to post to the list as soon as that is done. If the maintainer is unaware of your relationship to the BEE2 project, you may receive mail asking who you are.

Finally, if you have comments or questions that can only be answered by the BEE2 maintainers please feel free to send email to "bee2-maintainers at lists dot berkeley dot edu". Please restrict these emails to questions that you feel could not be answered by the larger BEE2 community, problems with the website or other infrastructure, or comments and feedback (or use our Bee2Feedback page to send feedback).

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