BEE2 Setup Guide


Parts List


5V DC power supply

Should be capable of output >300W @ 5V, optimally with remote sensing

Suggested: Lambda GENH 6-100

Suggested:Xantrex XHR 7.5-130

Acceptable: Meanwell SP-480-5 (Remote sense terminal crimp, Remote sense terminal housing) Please note that this is not an isolated power supply has been shown to be a significant EMI source.

Power Cable

Cable used should be at least 10AWG and be kept as short as possible if power supply has no remote sensing

Crimp terminals: Molex 42815 series -0031 tin 8AWG, -0032 gold 8AWG, -0011 tin 10/12AWG, -0012 10/12AWG

Crimp housing: Molex 42816-0212



Should be 1GB unregistered ECC memory rated for 200MHz operation with CAS latency 3

Suggested: Crucial CT12872AA53E.18F or CT12872AA53E.E18F (1GB dual rank DIMMs, Note that parts ending in .9XX will not work)

Suggested: Micron MT18HTF12872AY-40E

Suggested: Micron MT18HTF12872AY-53E

Suggested: Micron MT18HTF12872AY-667


HDMI male to DVI male cable

Suggested: LCD Panel Samsung 731B

Example: DigiKey WM19082-ND

Example: DigiKey 290-1915-ND

High Speed Serial

10GbE/InfiniBand cable

Should be 3 meters or shorter

Suggested: Gore IBN6800-0.5 -1 or -3

Suggested: Fujitsu FCD-ZZ00016 or FCD-ZZ00019

10Gb Fiber Optic cable

Requires tranceiver and spool of fiber cable, tested up to 100 meters

Suggested: Fujitsu FPD-010R008-0E + FOC-CCxxxx

Low Speed Serial

RS232 serial cable

Custom null-modem RS232 with DB9 female to 5x1 0.100" (2.54mm) female header connector

Wiring diagram


CompactFlash card

Any size from 16MB up to 2GB from any CF vendor

Suggest at least 512MB for Linux boot from CF

PIV programming cable

9 pins single row, 2.54mm pitch flat ribbon cable

Suggested: DigiKey A9BBG-090xF-ND

Real Time Clock

CR1220 3V 12.5mm coin battery

Suggested: DigiKey N033-ND

Suggested: DigiKey P033-ND

Manual Inspection

Connecting the BEE2

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